Arborist consultation

You have tree questions, I have answers.  Contact me to help you determine your tree care needs prior to hiring a tree care company. 

Personal Tree shopper

I will meet you at the nursery of your choice to help you select the best tree to buy.

Urban Forest management plan

From a city lot to a municipality, each part of the urban forest needs care.  I will work with the property owner to identify the trees on the property, provide a basic health assessment, identify potential future health issues and provide a plan for maintenance over the next 3-5 years.

personalized training

From teaching individuals proper tree care in their home, to organizing and providing workshops for organizations, if there is a tree related training you want, contact me to work out a plan.

Tree Coaching

This package includes an inventory of the trees currently on your property, along with some notes about current issues that might exist and issues to watch for in the future, instruction on proper pruning (on trees small enough for you to prune), and other basic tree care, tree selection advice, planting and watering instruction.  Additional services include availability by text and email to answer questions as they come up.

Tree inventory - 

The first step to properly managing your trees is to know what you have.  I will provide a tree inventory which includes the species, size and iTree benefits along with a map of the trees. 

Pre-construction tree survey

Many municipalities have tree preservation ordinances, which require a pre-construction tree survey.  

Certified Arborist exam prep course

At the Certified Arborist Prep Course, gain the knowledge you need to pass the International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist exam.

This course provides fundamental knowledge in arboriculture for individuals interested in or preparing to take the ISA Certified Arborist Exam. Over the course of four days, this class offers hands-on instruction from local Certified Arborists on 16 topics covered in the ISA Certification Study Guide (included).

Tree maintenance training

Currently only available to City of Austin Employees — The Tree Maintenance Training (TMT) program provides staff with an introduction to arboricultural principles and urban forestry training.  The goal of the workshop is to increase the quality and care of work performed around trees, increased awareness of potential issues regarding trees in public spaces, and increased safety during routine tree care operations. This is a one day workshop that is a combination of classroom and field demonstrations and provides a review or introduction to basic tree care.  

Contact me about organizing a training for your organization.