Tree Maintenance Training


(Currently only available to City of Austin Employees)


Who benefits:

Front line field staff, inspectors, and people that both indirectly and directly come into contact with trees and vegetation during the course of their work.


The Tree Maintenance Training (TMT) program will provide staff with an introduction to arboricultural principles and urban forestry training.  The goal of the workshop is to increase the quality and care of work performed around trees, increased awareness of potential issues regarding trees in public spaces, and increased safety during routine tree care operations.

This is a one day workshop (7:30-3:30) that will be a combination of classroom and field demonstrations and provide a review or introduction to basic tree care.  

Skills taught:

·         Tree protection and local tree regulations
·         Chainsaw safety
·         Pruning properly
·         Tree risk assessment
·         Oak wilt prevention
·         Equipment maintenance
·         Basic tree biology
·         Basic tree identification

Lunch is provided.  Employees are asked to bring a water bottle/reusable cup and paper & pen/pencil for taking notes.

Contact me about setting up a Tree Maintenance Training personalized for your organization.


Current City Employees can sign up at: (August 20) (August 27)